A Business Lesson From ‘Roseanne’

We can probably beat the topic of networking beyond the point of resuscitation, but the point here is how we should be networking.

The ’90’s were good to Roseanne, she had a good run bringing together family wholesomeness and outrageous life-like reality. But before we start indulging in the laughter too much, I want bring the networking topic back to the forefront.  Roseanne takes on the challenge of joining a local women’s organization to network and receive free items for her business .  Leone, a partner in her business, shares with Roseanne that after having networked with a local restaurant supplier, they will be receiving a deep-fryer for a discounted price.  How fortunate for them but is that why the rest of us network?  To see what we can get from others for our benefit?  Hopefully not.  But take a lesson from Roseanne (yes, I know.  I heard myself say it too).  Network for the right reasons and try to avoid:

  • Coming off too cheesy or phony.  Trying too hard just comes off sad.
  • Networking for the sake of getting something in return or for free/ discounted
  • Being more or bigger than who you are/ what you business is.
  • Being unprepared in talking to others at networking events.  You haven’t to sell yourself, you just have to be social.
  • Making commitments to others you really don’t want to keep.  Your attitude should be all or nothing.

Networking isn’t as hard as we make it to be.  We just have to stop putting so much emphasis on the ‘working’ part.  It’s so much more bigger than getting and giving.

{video credit: RoseanneConnerVideo via Youtube}


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