Pros & Cons Of Investment Capital

Pro: Access to capital to launch/ grow your business

Con: Now having a partner in which decisions must be shared and/ or made with

Pro: Someone with experience and knowledge to help guide you

Con: Someone constantly reminding you about profits, getting their money back, their  ROI

Pro: Avoiding the scrutinizing process of a bank loan

Con: Creating the perfect pitch to get an investor interested in your business or idea

Pro: Finally manifesting your business dream into a reality

Con: Not letting your business develop and grow at its own organic pace but at the speed of the investor(s)

Pro: Finding someone or of few people who believe in your business/ dream enough to financially back you

Con: Having to share/ explain your progress thus far and all activity related to the business to grab their interest

Pro: The track record of your investor(s) and likelihood of your business’ success

Con: No guarantees that your business will be successful even with backed support and added experience

Pro: There are people out there looking for businesses and business ideas such as yours to invest in

Con: There are more people looking for investment capital than are looking for investments

Pro: Additional resources through your investor(s) such as contacts, people they know to push your business/ idea/ product through

Con: Sharing the success but taking full responsibility for the failures of the business


Is seeking an investor something you’ve considered in launching or growing you business?  Have you thought about why you want an investor and what it would mean to your business?  Can you make that commitment to someone else and yourself?  Have you tried to bootstrap and still found yourself needing more money?  Is investment capital a pro or a con to you?



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