The Grammys Take-Aways For Business Owners And Entrepreneurs

  • Always strive towards your goals, your dreams, your aspirations, whatever you see that lies ahead you.  You may be on stage celebrating your dedication, even after 12 years
  • Align yourself with talented and driven people.  Always. You may not be doing the exact same thing (or have the same sound), but anybody who can help elevate you is someone who want to stick close to
  • It’s been said that everyone can do at least one thing well.  How many of the Grammys music artists are spokespersons, brand ambassadors, reality TV  judges, actresses and actors, designers of clothing and fragrances, producers and what have you?  If you do more than one thing well, do it!  Who said celebrities can only be double and triple threats?
  • Stand out.  You don’t have to don on a dress that show bare leg or wear your dress jacket without a shirt, but definitely make yourself noticed.  People don’t remember the names of companies, businesses and thought leaders they don’t know (obviously) and haven’t heard of
  • Acknowledge your fellow colleagues and people in your industry.  Playing well with others always works in your advantage.
  • Be humble.  As much as we like to think there are self made people, everyone has receive help in some form or fashion.  Don’t forget to thank those that have helped you along your way
  • Be yourself.  Be mindful of where you are, but be yourself.  People fall in love with products and companies (and especially people) for being genuine, not phony
  • Use reflection as tool to propel you into the future.  LL Cool J talked about how his grandmother was an important role in his life because she taught him to keep dreaming.  As a two-time grammy winner, LL Cool J foresees more grammy wins in his future because he doesn’t stop dreaming remembering the lessons of his past.  Your past holds a wealth of lessons and advice.  Take time to reflect
  • Share in your victories and successes.  It’s called being a “good winner”.  Plus, sharing your own victories with others empowers them and puts you smack dab in the middle of like-minded people and creative juices

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