Why People Flock to Watch The Grammys And How We Can Celebrate Ourselves

Did anyone catch the Grammys last night? It started at 8pm PST time, if you missed it and were wondering.  I think all of us that watched it can agree that it was enjoyable.  Valid wins, good performances and a room full of star power.   And you gotta love the way CBS made sure to incorporate the power of social media by having viewers hashtag the award show with #Grammys.  It was a great 3-hour escape for the night.  But why were we watching it?  Were all those billboards that convincing?  Was it because it was the 55th award show the Grammys has put on?  Or were we dying to see who was wearing what?  Why do we watch award shows?

Some of us may have favorites celebrities we enjoy seeing anytime they’re gracing our screens.  And there are others that do die to know what what fashion trends celebrities are wearing.  But I think most of us enjoy seeing the celebration.  We enjoying watching a platform for people who have put all their hard, consistent work into their passion and go up on stage and either showcase their talent or be rewarded for it.  In other words, we like to see the victories.  We like to see and know that hard work does make dreams come true.  Now, the Grammys is hopefully only one of many milestones for these music artists.  But it is an important one.  And like their path to a grammy, we all have paths leading to success.  We all have a dream and a goal we’re working on that will bring us fulfillment.  You probably won’t  see any us filling seats at the Grammys, unless we’re in that line of business, but entrepreneurs and business owners like to be recognize for their hard work too.  And although there are more and more platforms to recognize the hard work and contributions we are making, there’s something about being celebrated along our journey, with or without a gram0phone.

But we don’t have to wait till the Oscar‘s to share in this feeling again of being celebrated vicariously.  We can begin now.  We can enjoy the small victories we have now.  We may not be breaking records (yet!), but there are things we are accomplishing every day we’re open for business.  And every day we’re open, we can start by doing something good for ourselves.  How?  The best way is to count the milestones.  How far you have come since you conceived the idea to embark on your entrepreneurial journey?  Are you in the same place where you were last year?  Last quarter?  Last month?  Take inventory.  No matter how far you think you have to go, you have already come an incredibly long way.  Celebrate.

Celebrating your own victories along your journey

Celebrating your own victories along your journey

{photo credit: dream designs via freedigitalphotos.net}

Did anyone catch what band member Nate Ruess said?  12 years on their journey to success.  It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, no one said it was ever going to easy or quick.  But there are rewards along the way.


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