Take Your Cue From The Girl Scouts

It's Girl Scout Season!

It’s Girl Scout Season!

It’s Girl Scout season for Los Angeles locals! And it’s not every day I get overly excited about cookies.  But there are two things I absolutely LOVE about Girl Scout cookies.  One: their infamous taste (and if you’ve never had a Girl Scout cookie, you’ve been missing out).  Two: embedding business skills for young ladies. Women entrepreneurs in the making, if you will.  On every box of Girl Scout cookies you’ll see the 5 skills they instill in every girl that’s a member.  If you don’t have a box just yet, look at the picture above and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  Goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.  These are the same elements adult business owners and entrepreneurs work with every day in their business operations.   Now, the Girl Scouts and the Girl Scout cookies aren’t anything new, they’ve been around for quite some time.  But how often to we stop to recognized the teaching of proper business building in our youth?  We talk about from time to time.  Organizations are created to acknowledge certain age groups of business owners, but here, we have some of the youngest members of our society learning valuable business sense.   When you go to buy your cookies, (because I know many of you have already logged to their website to find where they’re selling Girl Scout cookies near you), you’ll see young girls learning how to make transactions, providing customer service (even if all they do is say hi and smile — a smile can go a long way) and showing gratitude for every person who participated in making a sale.    Too often, as adults, we forget about setting goals, making better decisions and managing our budgets more wisely.  And if only once a year, we have to Girl Scouts to remind us.

So whenever you get the chance this week or weekend, find a local Girl Scout selling cookies and show your support.  Us older folks know it takes a lot to run a successful company, namely courage.  Courage to start and courage to see it through.  And we don’t always have the courage we need throughout the life of our business.   If we were to take a cue from the little Brownies selling cookies, we’d realize sometimes all it takes willingness and a smile.



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