Defining Optimism



“the tendency to take the most hopeful view of matters”

What keeps you optimistic?

The future?

The rewards to come?

The fruit of your labor?

Your passion for what you love to do?

Having control over your life and destiny?

Being free to do what you love?

Optimism.  It’s what drives us.  Moves us.  Keeps us inspires.  Changes how we see and feel about the world.  It keeps us sturdy in the face of fear and ignorant of the pitfalls ahead.  It fizzles, it wanes and gets a little shaken up every now and then.  But when it returns, it is a force like no other.  Sense and logic cannot deter its highest hopes or derail it from its mission.  Those who have optimism believe that it’s not sensible or logical to live life without it.

They say entrepreneurs and business owners are people who have vision,  have street smarts or are extremely savvy, have the ability to recruit others to help build their dreams.   They see things, opportunities, where others do not.   But all that they are is the stem of optimism because they hope for the best .   Where will you let optimism lead you to do, to create or to be?


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