Event: Introduction To The LA Social Entrepreneur Community

“The term social enterprise is used quite frequently these days but what exactly does it mean? This free class introduces newcomers to the robust social entrepreneur start-up scene in LA. You will learn what a social enterprise is, the key events/meetups you should be attending, the companies that should be on your radar, the VCs known to invest in socially responsible companies, and what blogs you should be reading to stay in the loop. After class you are encouraged to network with a number of prominent folks in the social entrepreneur ecosystem.

General Assembly is hosting a free event on March 23rd for those in the Los Angeles, CA area at 1520 2nd Street, in Santa Monica from 5:30 to 7:oopm.  If you can’t make his event, they’re having another Introduction to the LA Social Entrepreneur Community event on April 13th, same time, same location (make sure to mark your calendars!)  General Assembly is a social business hub for aspiring entrepreneurs and founders to meet and connect with entrepreneurs as well as venture capitalists and industry leaders. They host classes as well as networking events, some for free, others at a reasonable cost.


{information is credited to General Assembly}




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