Sharing The Journey

We’ve all heard stories of the self made millionaires and billionaires; their accounts of their struggles and the victories.  And how they got to the top all by themselves.  But not everyone is built for the isolation that comes with doing it all by themselves.  And it surely isn’t easy.  We may enjoy all the rewards that come with it, but it’s because we’ve had to put in all the work.  Even when with just ourselves, there are missed connections that help mold us, even guide us to the successes that lie ahead.  But in making those connections, it means finding people in our lives and adding them to our inner circle.  It means sharing our fears, our concerns, our worrisome thoughts as well as our feats, our vision and expectations about the future.  It means being vulnerable enough to let someone share the journey of our path with us.   And every person embarking on an entrepreneurial path is on a journey.

It’s not always easy to find people in which we can trust enough to share this huge life changing experience with us, even if we’re only relaying our thoughts to them.  Many of us who have spoken out loud to others about taking more control of our lives by being our own bosses were met with some skepticism from someone we knew.  And most likely, it was a few someones.  But that’s okay.  It’s the nature of the beast.  People have always doubted what they feared and feared others could do that they could not.  That’s not our problem.  Nor, it is our concern.  But if we’re fortunate enough to find people who believe in us, in our passion and persistence and our dream, we need to hold onto them.  They could be the very anchor that helps us see the dream to fruition.  They may not always have something to add or great suggestion to pass our way, but their words of encouragement have helped us get through more trying days than we care to admit.  And that’s what matters.

Some people may prefer to do it all by themselves.  Maybe they believe they can’t trust or rely on anyone except themselves.  But that have been so disappointed with how their closest friends and family have received their ideas and business dreams, that they rather keep it to themselves than continue to face criticism.  If it works for them, fine.  But if you can find people who are able to uplift you, help you along your entrepreneurial dreams, hold onto them.  Success comes from many sources, and people are wonderful resources to tap into.




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