Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!

They are the most tiresome responses that people give to problem.  And no one likes excuses.  Truth be told, most be don’t like making excuses, but they do because they fear the alternative would be worse if they didn’t try to explain why the blame isn’t on them.  But excuses are nothing but road blocks to nurturing relationships, building brands and meeting goals.  An excuse is normally a lie as to why something can’t or won’t get done rather that admitting fault or shortcomings.   And if you’re in business for yourself, an excuse will be one of the most detrimental blows to the image of you and your company.  And accepting excuses is not much better.

Excuses hurt a business and it doesn’t matter whether the people in the business are making the excuses or if they’re getting excuses from those their servicing.  Excuses hurt.  They can mean late payments, short cash flow, no customer loyalty, poor customer service, low employee retention, poor company culture and morale, damaging image and a suffering business.  But when you put a stop to giving and accepting excuses, your business will have a better chance to thrive, succeed and grow.  But it all depends on implementing a no excuse policy.

  • The Employee – the company is run by people who have limitations and limited knowledge.  No one person knows everything, can do everything or is expected to.  So before the people in your company give you an excuse as to why they can’t or didn’t complete a task or project, first ensure that it’s something reasonable that can be performed.  And within their job description.  Let me know it’s okay not know as long as they’re willing to find the answer.  And ask for their feedback as to how the day-to-day can be run better, more efficiently and with more ease.  You might be surprise how much the front line people have to offer toward your business’ growth.  
  • The Customer – we’ll heard it for decades how the customer is always right.  Businesses have had to bend to the will of an irate, irrational and and wrong customer because the of an outdated philosophy.  The customer is human just like the rest of us.  And if we can be wrong, so can the customer.  But we don’t remind the customer they’re wrong, and we don’t let them run over us with excuses.  How?  We go over policy with them, rules, the limits and expiration of promotions.  If we have to, read to them the fine print.  So the next time a customer tells us they can’t make a payment right now or something else came up for, remind them of your business’ policies, about late fees, and other consequences.  Customers tend to have less excuses and are more willing to cooperate when it’ll cost them.
  • The Business/ Owner (You) –  we our own own worst enemy.  We’ll doubt ourselves, we’ll sabotage our progress and we’ll rest on our laurels.  Stop!  Success is achieved through both time and practice.  Take the time to be patience with the growth of your business, take the time to learn as you’re growing the business and be open to suggestions and feedback.  Practice what you’re good at until you are an expert at it.   Take time to listen to your employees and customers and put to practice their ideas and thoughts that’ll work well.  Always strive for improvement, not perfection.  Above, never let yourself give an excuse as to why your business isn’t succeeding.  It’s just a lie to cover that you don’t want or feel you can do all you need to be successful.   It’s just an excuse.




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