Are You Tracking Your Business Ideas?

Tracking Your Business Ideas

You got a good idea, now what?

Did you write it out, write it down?

Do you ever revisit your idea occasionally to see what works, what doesn’t?

Have you brainstormed how that good idea can be better?

Can it be better?

What are the strengths of your business idea?

What are the weaknesses or shortcomings or your business idea?

Have you share your business idea, gotten someone else’s opinion?

Do you look into seeing if there’s a market for that business, a need for it?

Will it add convenience to society?

Will it have improve the way things currently work?

If manifested, how far can your business grow and expand

Would you already have competitors if you embarked on this business?

Is there a time crunch to launch your business, any deadlines you must contend with?

Have you imposed any deadlines on yourself for launching this business?

What goals have you set for this business?



You have the idea, what will you do with it now?




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