April’s Entrepreneur Spotlight: Listen Up!

Market Research Company created by Kantreal

Editor-in-Chief of Kantreal.com, editor-in-chief for OneWest Magazine and founder of the recently launched Listen Up Research Group, Kantreal is doing it all.  With years of experience and passion behind her, she has both the talent and the focus to live out, not just one of her dreams, but multiple dreams simultaneously.  And although it may sound overwhelming to the average person taking on so much at one time, it is simply just another day forward for Kantreal.

“If you look in the sky and you don’t see your dreams, don’t feel defeated ’cause trust me you can build it.”  –Pharrell Williams

You may not find this quote in a book of sonnets or in a collection by the best American poets of our time, but these words have been a source of inspiration for Kantreal  as she has moved fluidly from project to project.  Utilizing her journalism degree from Cal State University, Northridge, she found her passion for writing while at an internship at Campus Circle.  After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, she sought out opportunities in fields and industries that would allow her to explore her writing.   But employment, like it is for so many entrepreneurial hearts, wasn’t for her.  She wanted to be her own boss, and so she started creating avenues to do so.  Kantreal.com became out an outlet for her take on the African-American image in the public eye and shed light on happenings that were not as newsworthy.

Recently, Kantreal had the opportunity to connect with the creator of OneWest Magazine, OG Cuicide, in which she was afforded the opportunity to be part of the publication as editor-in-chief.  “One West Magazine is part of a movement called One West that is meant to inspire and connect people from all over the world.”  In addition to connecting people from all walks of life, One West also offers a social responsive element to suicide awareness shared by the creator’s own interest in bringing to light a sensitive and hushed topic.  

Although Kantreal found herself doing what she loved, she took it a step further and started Listen Up, a Market Research company targeted for recording artists, record labels and music management teams.  “I come from Generation Y, so I have a better understanding about digital and electronic technology that I can use to my company’s advantage than most owners of market research firms.”  Kantreal has found that everyday she’s spent filling the shoes of being her own boss, she’s learned something valuable and applicable. She feels as if everyday has brought growth not just to her, but to her dreams as well.  And it’s helped that the company she keeps is supportive and encouraging.  Theses days, she shares that the only things that worry her about being her own boss are the legalities she has to contend with on a regular basis, such as copyright laws, terms of conditions, licenses, contracts and the occasional need for a lawyer.   But those minor concerns hasn’t deterred her from pressing ahead.  It’s the journey that has been the most rewarding aspect for her.  Her words of advice for anyone diving into entrepreneurship: “…have a solid plan and know what [you’re] getting into.”

You can follow Listen Up on twitter @ListenUpRG and and contact her by email at info@listenuprg.com


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