What Is Business? Needs & Wants

I gotta admit, the narrator of this video sounds so optimistic as he provides the educational background of business and its importance in our daily lives.  But I guess in 1948, businesses, no matter how grand or small, had a lot to be optimistic about.   It’s stated at least twice, that business supply all consumer goods and services that satisfy a need or want  for the masses.  So many of us today have come to enjoy a certain standard of living that includes our wants, that we forget we really don’t need what we have, but have come to believe that we do.  This applies to our customers as well.  They too have come to depend on things they think they need.  Black and white television may not be your thing, but if you take nothing else away from this video, at least remember that if you create a product or service that people come to depend on as part of their livelihood, your business will succeed.  Turn those wants into needs.

(Did anybody else notice Mrs. Harrison putting in an order to have her groceries delivered without an app?  Just sayin’)

[* Video Credit: shaggylocks and Coronet Instructional Films]


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