Tagging Your Business

#Hashtags, keywords, categories, and popular related terms… these tags, we like.  It’s the association of phrases that drives traffic to our websites and blogs; turns visitors into customers and customers into brand ambassadors.  But tagging our businesses, the actual brick and mortar facility in which we operate out of… we don’t like.

It struck me one day while I was driving running some errands, I began to notice all this graffiti marked on the sides of buildings.  And this wasn’t artwork, no murals or creative interpretations of life.  It was someone’s disrespect of private property.  As I drove along, all I could think about was the cost to the business owner to have those markings painted over.   Now, many of us may not complain about what a bucket of paint will total up as, but if it’s a recurring activity, it’s more than a bucket of paint.  What if that business owner has had to repainted parts of his/her building several times because someone doesn’t care about defacing what doesn’t belong to them?  Those buckets of paint start to add up.  As well as those hours to paint over the graffiti.  All that cost has to be taken into account.  Now, if you’re the  ever-optimistic type, you may say, well look at it as business expense, something you can write off.  Sure, that’s true.  But what about the factor of time and labor?  Or the fact that someone defaced your property without concern for you?  Or the sanctity of business (if there were ever such a thing)?

How are business owners combating graffiti and tagging?  Is it the continual stroke of a brush?  Do business owners need to get more involved in their local community affairs to know what’s going on in the environment around their business?  What is the best option to stop graffiti when it affects your business?   Who should you talk to and what should you do?

This is an open-ended question.  I’d love to give those who find themselves constantly spending hundreds of dollars (because paint isn’t always as cheap as you need it to be) painting and repainting their buildings to remove graffiti a definite solution, but the root of the problem may be more complex than that.  Or maybe not.  Maybe the area in which you own and operate your business is bad for business.  Maybe the price of the building was right when you bought or leased it and you don’t want to part with it.  Maybe it’s local school children who think it’s funny or cool to write nonsensical phrases wherever they wish.  May this is a matter for your local city council member.

Whenever something affects your business and the cost of operating your business, don’t treading too lightly with it.  What others may ignore and be blind to, could be costing you.


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