Tax Day Has Arrived!

April 15th, Tax DayYes, it’s April 15th and if you haven’t filed your taxes just yet, you’re probably kicking yourself in the you-know-what for waiting till the last minute to file taxes for your sole proprietorship or small business.  But have no fear, if you have a few minutes, below are some helpful links and tips to make the time before the long wait in line a bit more bearable!  Happy filing!

Tax Resources: 

Don’t Forget:

  • Keep ALL your receipts from every business expense, God forbbid, you may be audited
  • Transportation and travel can be a tax write-off, keep track of your mileage for all business commuting
  • The IRS is scrutinizing write-offs for business meals and lodging, make sure you can adequately prove so
  • Paying taxes every quarter instead of every year diminishes stress and bulk fees
  • If your business can afford it (even if you are your business), make charitable contributions throughout the year to allieviate the weight of paying taxes

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