We may never get paid what we think our true worth or value is.

We may never have the staff or support to tackle everything necessary as soon as we’d like.

We may never have enough hours in the day to get all we want and need done.

And yet, we  rise every morning, pounding the pavement, grinding it out.

We either start anew, or pick up where we left off.

We keep pushing, pulling, willing ourselves.

Go harder, be better, think smarter, go faster, be brilliant, think. wiser.

Because we have to?  


We’re driven to.

We have a burning urgency inside telling us, reminding us what’s on the other side of the sleepless nights, the achy body, and the burn-out.

We rise, we grind everyday because we’re motivated.

We’re motivated by the unseen dreams that have yet to unfold.

We’re motivated by the rewards promised after the sacrifice.

We’re motivated by ‘Great’ rather than ‘Good.

We’re motivate by what we can become rather than who we were.

What motivates you?

What motivates you?  What's your inner drive?

What motivates you? What’s your inner drive?


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