Sell Your Personality

No one really likes selling and those that do are very good at it.  Perhaps that’s why they like selling, because they know they’re good at it.  A good salesperson knows how to sell their product or service.  They know how to make the customer want it, want it over their competitor’s.  When we operate our own businesses, we have to become our own salesperson, whether we like it or not.  We have to make potential customers want our products and services and want more than our competitors.  I remember working in retail sales at a department store, Dillard’s, back in college .  And although it wasn’t nearly as hard as cold-calling, business to business or lead generation, it was still pretty challenging to get people to make a purchase even if we had them already in the door.

There’s something about going up to people, or even talking to them over the phone, and convincing them to buy your product or order our service, that scares the life out of us.  For some of us, diving right in works best.  Yeah, we’ll fumble around, get so jittery we’ll transpose our words, but after a few times, we’ll get the hang of it.  It doesn’t mean we’ll like selling ourselves necessarily, but we’ll be better at it.  A lot of the times, we find it hard to sell something we don’t believe in or wouldn’t buy for ourselves.  If this is your business, you might want to rethink the line of work you’re in.  I suggest taking the big business idea back to the drawing board.

The best way to make a sell, or selling,  is to (1) forget about the sale and focus on the customer and (2) sell your personality.  If a potential customer or client has sought out your product or service, they’re already interested.  This part battle has been conquered.  You can breathe a little easier.  If not, again, remember to focus on them: what they’re looking for, what their needs are and how can you be of an assistance.  Once you have them interested, bring you to the table.

How often have we heard how important personality plays in interacting with people?  A lot, right?  That’s because it’s TRUE.  People gravitate (and will buy things from) people they like and people who make them feel good.  And this can all be done with your personality.  If you smile a lot, smile when you talk to prospective clients and customers.  Greet them with a smile, leave them with a smile.   If you like telling jokes (and Lord, please let them be clean jokes), tell a few.  A few.  You’re not a comedian, you’re a business owner.  But a few jokes to break the ice and/or make your prospects and potentials feel comfortable is fine.  Highly encouraged, even. But keep in mind, only positive personalities will fare well here.  Mopers, extremely shy and pessimistic personalities need not try.  Remember, people want to be around those that make them feel good and those they like.

Before you go selling your company’s inventory and service offers, bring the best of you when meeting and greeting.  Be the person you’d want to be around because that’s exactly who your customer is going to want to buy from.


2 thoughts on “Sell Your Personality

    • Perhaps, but wouldn’t you say that using the positive aspects of your personality can be beneficial when selling yourself, even for women, and less about pretending and putting on an act?

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