LinkedIn: Go Premium or Stay Basic

Is LinkedIn trying to hook you in with their ‘one month free premium upgrade’ too?  It’s tempting, too, huh?  I mean, after all, we’re already on LinkedIn and we have a very sparkling and complete profile.  What’s the harm in trying out some of LinkedIn’s special perks?

With LinkedIn Premium – Business Plus

Find and contact the right people

See the full list of who’s viewed your profile
Contact anyone with InMail
See expanded profiles
More search filters and results
 Annual: US$39.95/MO Save up to 25% per year
 Monthly: US$49.95/MO


If you’ve already done your homework, know that a premium membership with LinkedIn is a monthly paid membership, whether you use all the wonderful perks that come with it or not.  They do have the option to make annual payments on whichever plan you decide, which is nice to make a one-time fee, but again, you’re charged whether you use it or not. So, now, let’s ask ourselves the question:  do we need a premium account with LinkedIn just yet?

I say ‘yet’, because for many of us, a premium account with LinkedIn may in fact may be what we need to help us make the connections we need and extend our reach into industries that are important to us.  But maybe a few hundred dollars a year, isn’t worth it — yet.  If you log onto their ‘upgrade’ page, there are four tiers.  Everyone starts out with the basic plan (the free plan) because that is what meets our needs (the pocketbook) at the time.  And should our needs grow, we can change our plan.  But have our needs grown and can we still make do with limitations of a basic plan?

The idea of a free month on LinkedIn might sound like something you’d want to try, but before you click yes, consider how will use it.    Treat that trial period the same as if you were paying for it.  Would you use the InMail Messages to reach out to people in your extend networks?  Would you use the OpenLink or Introduction options to connect with anyone of interest?  Really consider how you would use the premium offer, have a plan for it.  It doesn’t have to require blueprints or a PowerPoint presentation, but there should be a goal in mind.

Oh, and one last thing.  Should you sign up for a free month upgrade, make sure to schedule in your calendar when you need to cancel before the end of the 30 days.  Because if you don’t, you’ll be charged monthly for that service.

{information taken from LinkedIn’s upgrade page}



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