Tipping…Not Just That City In China

When was the last time you tipped your waitress or waiter, your server, the person who made your meal?

Can you recall how much you tipped them?

How important is tipping gratuitously to you?

Do you tip often?

Do you tip according to standard or do you tip based on service?

What if you knew that tipping was related to a business’ morale and service, would you tip more?

Would you tip less?

Why do you think food based businesses have a tip cup or  tip jar?

Is it asking for too much?

Or is it a way for customers give a monetary ‘thank you’?

Should food based businesses be the only entities to accept and expect tips?

Does your business accepts tips?

Should it?

Wouldn’t you like your customers to show you how much your work and that extra mile meant to them?

Would you want them to tip you?

If not monetary tips, what would you want instead, gifts?

Perhaps, referrals or repeat business?

Do offer a way for customers to show their gratitude outside the jar?

Would you accept tips for you non-food based business?

Would you accept tips for your non-food based business?




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