Have You Graduated Yet?

Grad CapIt is the season for diplomas and degrees.  Transitions and changes.  Starting anew and stepping forward.  And not just for the class of 2013.  Forget everything you think you know or heard about June Gloom.  June is a wonderful time to implement changes, take charge and gradaute.  Remember how you felt when you graduated from high school or college?  Remember how you felt when you believed you could do anything, try anything and become anything?  We spent your time hitting the books, studying until wee hours and passing on hanging out with friends so we could ace our tests the following day.  But as we’ve gotten older, perhaps, jaded and into the rhythm of the world around us, we forgot what it felt like to graduate.  We forgot what it felt like to believe anything is still possible.

We need to graduate as business owners and entrepreneurs.  Now, if you hated high school, and let’s admit it, some of us did.  This may be a hard idea to swallow at first.  But when I say graduate, I don’t mean donning on the gown and that awful looking graduation cap.  I mean, taking every lesson, every failure, every set back, every “no” and every wrong turn and use them as stepping stones to lift us to where we want to be with our companies.  At some point, we need to collect all the mistakes we’ve made thus far and use them to reach higher.  Do better.  And out-perform.

Sometimes we wallow right where we are because we don’t see progress, we don’t see business, we don’t see cash flow and we don’t see customers.  But that doesn’t mean we’ll never see it.  It means we just haven’t allowed ourselves to graduate from where we are to where we need to be.   But we don’t need to wait every 3-4 years to graduate.  Every job well done, every victory is an “A”.  Every mistake or hiccup, is simple a make-up.  Every time we have enough victories, enough successes, enough opportunities to push a little further, expand the market a little farther and hire a few more, we’re graduating.  We need to acknowledge those moments and find more ways to graduate so we’re more likely to see all of hard work paying off.

It took us four years to finish high school.  Some of us stayed in college for almost a decade.  Did we really expect any of our other successes to happen overnight?  However, at the end of every cycle of learning, trying and doing, we graduated.  Just because we’re no longer in school and the ceremonies have stopped, doesn’t mean the lessons end.

{photo credit: digitalart via freedigitalphotos.net}


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