Get Personal With Your Customers

What will make your business stand out in today’s crowded market?  A great website?  SEO and back links everywhere?  A well-thought out marketing plan that focuses not just on the digital presence, but old school print too?  Well, all those things are helpful.  But let’s be honest with each other here.   If you’re in business, you’re probably not the only in your field or industry.  Which means you’re not the only one doing what you’re doing.  So, again:  what will help your business stand out, no matter who your competition is?  Getting personal.

Customers remember the stores, the companies and the brands that took their time and made their experiences unique, as if just for them.  Everyone  likes things just for them.  If we didn’t, the business of personalizing would be out of business.  It doesn’t take a whole lot to make a great impression and be memorable.  Getting personal sometimes means keeping it simple:

  • Remember birthdays and anniversaries.  Who doesn’t like something special on their birthday?  Drop something in the mail the next time a customer’s or client’s birthday rolls around.  Let them wish them many more too.  (How do you get this information?  Include it  in your questionnaire when asking for their number and address.)
  • Hand-write those personal notes and messages.  Whether you’re sending  birthday or anniversary cards, thank you notes, or a reminder of an event you’re having, hand-write it.  Mailers and brochures are  nice, but most will get chucked in the trash.  Something handwritten is more likely to be opened.
  • Speaking of anniversaries, remember the dates when your clients became your clients.  You don’t need to know how long they’ve been with their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, whatever.  But make it a point to acknowledge and thank them for their years of business.  Loyalty programs work well for this reason.  Doesn’t have to be a gold watch, but it should be personal.

The next time you’re thinking about your customers and what it takes to retain them, get personal.  Those little touches customized just for them go a long way.

Get Personal With Handwritten Notes to Customers

Get Personal With Handwritten Notes to Customers

In the meantime, enjoy National Small Business Week.  Reminder your customers with something handwritten and thank them for shopping small.


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