The Interest of The Customer

GrubHub ad

GrubHub ad (Photo credit: moacirpdsp)

I’m an avid GrubHub user now.  It’s taken me a minute to adjust to this now very cool and very easy service, and now that I have, it’s a lifesaver.  Anytime I come home and I’m in no mood to cook, I GrubHub it!  (I don’t know why, but it’s dawned on me that tech-age has given us the leeway to take a company’s and make it a verb.  I Google things all day long!)  I never have to pick up the phone, search a phone book, or filter through search engine recommendations to find what I want to eat.  I simply click on the button that says I want it delivered, make sure it says my home address and let GrubHub do the rest.   It tells me which restaurants offers free delivery, if there’s a delivery charge, how much, how far away the restaurant is, and an estimate delivery time (once I’ve place the order).  Simple, easy, and what I need.

But on rare occasions, things go awry.  And it doesn’t matter on who’s end the mistake takes place, when it’s bad it’s bad.  Not the end-of-the-world-bad, but I-gotta-wait-longer, bad.  Within the last week, I decided to try something new from somewhere new (new to me ).  The order arrive much quicker than I expected and the estimated delivery time.  Thrilled, I tipped the man and got ready to feast heartily.  To my surprise, it wasn’t my order.  Normally, this is when I would call up the restaurant and tell them how upset I was that they didn’t get my food and what was going to be done about it.  Nope.  I simply called GrubHub’s customer service people, calmly explained to them the what I ordered and what I received instead.  Two wonderful things GrubHub does in cases like these: (1) they contact the restaurant for you and either reimburse your money or have them redeliver the correct order and (2) give you what they call GrubHub cash.   It’s normally $5  discount applied to your next order.  That’s pretty nice, if you think about.  Here’s a coupon — in a way — to use on whichever restaurant you want for your inconvenience.  What made this experience better was the manager of the restaurant called me (you have to provide a phone number for delivery orders in case the driver gets lost) and apologized explaining that the delivery driver just picked up the wrong bag.  And in turn, offered me a free beverage.  I got two freebies that night, and “free” is a good thing (sometimes)!

Even though  my order was wrong and I had to wait longer for a second trip, this is one of the best services I had ever received.  Why?  Because of the free stuff?  No, because everyone involved from the customer service rep to the restaurant manager was interested in my experience with them more than the transaction.  They wanted to make sure I would come back again (virtually).   Even if the manager just called to say sorry and apologize for the mix up, that still would have better better in most cases.  A lot of times, they only say sorry when YOU call THEM.  It was the attentiveness and desire to remedy the situation in my favor that pleased me.

As business owners, we gotta remember the customer or client, we have to remember what’s in their best interest every time they’re doing business with us.  It only takes one bad experience to lose a customer, and it only takes one positive resolution to keep a customer.  Some may say they would expect a manager to call and apologize, his restaurant was at a fault.  What we expect and what we get doesn’t always meet up.  Think about the last time you were in someone’s drive-thru line and the wait was just asinine.  Did the manager come to the window and apologize?  Did he thank you for your business?  Did he offer you something free in return for the time you waited?  Or were you just pushed along to the next window?


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