Familiar Inspiration

People have always tried to find a correlation between their success for the future and from those that came before them.  Sometimes we believe that if we have had successful relatives, that we too will see success with whatever we decide to embark on.  Well, we know that not to be the case.  One’s relation to a successful person doesn’t guarantee their own.  Everyone’s different; everyone’s drive is different, everyone’s strategies are different and more importantly, everyone’s ideas are different.  Our success depends on us, no matter how close we may be related to it by blood.  Yet, that doesn’t mean we can’t look to successful relatives for inspiration.

In my family:

  • My grandfather, may he rest in peace, owned a restaurant for many many years and had a number of other business ventures that were just as successful.  He was the first person in my family to have earned over million dollars from his business.  But his calling in life lead him to become a minister and that’s how he spent the last few decades of his life.
  • My uncle, my grandfather’s son, has owned and operated at least two businesses since 1992 —  a cleaning carpet business and a moving company.  He’s worked all over the Greater Los Angeles area and has moved people all over California and the southwest.
  • My 2nd uncle, my grandfather’s brother-in-law, has bee in business for at least 30 years in electronics.  He started from his home garage repairing and selling used electronics to neighbors, friends and family.  As devices and technology have changed and advance, so has his skills to keep up with his clientle needs.
  • My grandmother, many many years ago started a tax preparation company in additional to her regular job.  It wasn’t until she relocated from California to Illinois that she was able to make it her full time business handling individual and business income taxes.
  • My cousin writes on the side of her teaching job.  She writes for independent and short films as well as poetry and short stories.  Her writing has led her involvement to working on video production and play writing, giving her greater professional freedom and creative expression.

I would love to say that what my relatives have amounted to, I will as well.  But my dreams and goals aren’t theirs and vice-versa.  We don’t share the same direction or trajectory.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t learn from them, learn from their mistakes, learn from their victories and how they handled each obstacle that came in their way.  We may share a similar goal but not that same path.  Some people, family included, are meant to inspire us to with their life’s work to we can go after our own.



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