A Lot of Possibilities

A Lot of Possibilities A Lot of Possibilities 2 A Lot of Possibilities 3

Is this just an empty lot, or a possibility for booming businesses and enterprises?  Do you see weeds and trash or do you see commerce and transactions? In the heart of Koreatown  in Los Angeles (K-Town to those who know better), a couple blocks south of Wilshire, this vacant lot sits, untouched, unused and untapped waiting to be utilized, waiting to prosper.

How often do we pass opportunities lying in front of us and continue to walk on by?  Do we ignore what’s right’s in front us because all we see is the present and not what it could be?  How short-sighted is our vision that even a vacant lot cannot be turned into a field of dreams?

Would it help if I told you this vacant lot’s neighbors are a motel, a high school, a yogurt shop, and mini market?  Do you see more of a possibility now?  Or less?


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