Driving Traffic To Your Business Blog

I love it when I read articles that share “secrets” about how to gain more followers, become an influencer or expert in your industry or drive traffic to your website or business blog.  But have you noticed that all the secrets sound the same?  Like you’re getting the same information from every resource, every article or link — and none of really tells you how.  ‘Write compelling content’, ‘Ask questions’ and ‘Engage with everyone who writes, comments, follows’ or whatever.  Okay, check and check.  But nothing’s changed.  Now what?  Now you stop listening to the same stupid advice.

I’m more concern with driving traffic to my business blog because if people like what I have to say and share, they’ll find me and my business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and wherever else I’m present.  But how do we drive to your business blog?  We gotta be stuck to social media like white on rice, but only for no more than an hour a day –everyday (until it can passively drive traffic on its own).

Good content will get noticed, but how does it get noticed?  YOU have to share it first.  Share it on your Google + profile, share on Facebook.  Join LinkedIn groups and share it there as a discussion topic.  Crawl up everything social media site you have time for (which hopefully not more than 10 sites unless you’re social media marketer, then that’s different) and get noticed.   If you’re asked to give a description, take a piece of the article or blog you’ve written and make that the description. Sites like BlogEngage, BizSugar and StumbleUpon are great for that.  It doesn’t require you to think up something new to say and gives the reader a piece of the blog enticing them to read further on.  When your blog hits your Facebook Page, share it from your Facebook page to your personal page.  Be proud of it.  You wrote it, own it.  And make sure to invite friends to like your Facebook page too.    On Twitter, share your link to your blog in conjunction with someone’s else that’s similar to your topic with their name in the tweet.  People like seeing their name mentioned and will retweet it.  Which means their followers will see your blog link too.  On BizSugar, go ahead and submit your blog or article.  Then turn around and comment on at least 5 other submitted blogs that are interesting to you.  You’ll notice that you’ll get some comments back and some views on your blog site as a result.

You can continue to listen to the same advice with the same empty gaps of information that leaves you confuse as to why how.  Or you can really do the leg work that will return results.  Understand you’re not going to get a 1,000 views right off the back (or hey, maybe you will, who knows), you have to build an audience that wants to return and read what you have.  And these are the best techniques to position your business blog to have that effect.



One thought on “Driving Traffic To Your Business Blog

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