Obamacare Delayed

The Fourth of July maybe over, but we still have one more thing to celebrate:  OBAMACARE‘s new deadline!!!

Now, whether you’re for the employer mandate to provide full-time employees health insurance or not, you have another year to fidget or jump on board.  But as you know, this only affects businesses that have 50 or more employees.  So, for all you much smaller small businesses, you can breath a sigh of relief.  For the rest of you, you got an extra time.  The mandate doesn’t go into effect until January 2015 as they find a way to simplify reporting requirements.

This is probably another beating-a-dead-horse-with a stick topic, but how do you feel about the mandate, whether it affects you come January 2015 or not?  It might one day.  Do you think employers should provide their full time staffers with health insurance?  Are you okay that part-timers were left of the mandate?

Are you happy to be waiting another year, if you’re one the businesses this mandates affects?  Do you already offer your employees health insurance?  Do you believe that providing health insurance to employees with make them happier and thus more productive employees?  Are some of you thinking about reducing wages and salary as a way to reduce the expense of offering health insurance coverage to your employees?  Do you think Obamacare is actually going to hold up or crumble underneath it’s own weight?

As an employer/ business owner of 50 or more employees who will still have to offer health insurance to its employees in 2015, what would be  the one (or few things) thing you would change about the mandate in your favor, if you could?


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