Personal Characteristics That Will Lead to Success

We always hear what some of the greatest leaders, CEOs and minds of our time all had something in common.  They were smart, but recruited smarter people.  They were stubborn, but focused.  And they seem to have vision, being able to see down the road and around the corner.  And when we hear these attributes, we begin to aspire to be the next leader and innovator, thinking that if we imitate them well enough, we’ll become them soon enough.  So we go out and we buy their autobiographies, we study their habits and mimic their mannerisms.  And yet, we learn we haven’t become the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates and we’re not as fortunate enough as Mark Zuckerberg or clever enough like Jeff Bezos.  The reason is because you can’t expect to work on the outside structure hoping that inner frame and foundation can support it.  In other words, take care of the personal — inner — business, before we take care of the other business.

Jealousy can always rear its ugly head even when we think we’re not the jealous type.  And we as people, have always had a competitive spirit.  But when some of the closest people in our circles start doing better than us, it’s more than a competitive feeling.  When we started first but feel like we’re finishing last, emotions can take over.  Depending how big our egos are, we can feel a twinge of jealousy.  But before we give into the green-eyed monster, we have to stop and remember, everyone’s path is differentt and all our accomplishments will be different.  Instead of ‘hatin‘ on someone for doing good, support and encourage them.  Show them you’re proud of their success too.  And in the meantime,  sit back and wait our turn.

Speaking of turns, there is a reason why they say patience is a virtue.  It takes a great deal of time and energy and focus to start and run your own business.  It also takes a great deal of time and energy and focus to start and complete anything else worth of value.  Most of us won’t be overnight successes, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be a success at all.  Rather than rushing to get things up and over with, we need to focus on getting them right and sturdy.  The best things in life last because of the quality and time they were built with.

Living without regret.  This is a hard one for many of us.  It seems like the more determined we are to succeed and accomplish a goal, the harder we are on ourselves if we missed the aim.  And rather than picking ourselves up and trying again, we beat ourselves down.  The world will already be waiting to use us as a punching bag, we don’t need to help it along.  Instead, we need to remind ourselves that (1) everyone makes mistakes, (2) better to learn those mistakes now than when we’re too old/tired/broke/fed up/(insert your excuse here) and (3) there’s also another chance to try again.  No one said it was going to be easy, but no one said it’s impossible either.  Embrace your mistakes and setbacks as a stepping stool and push off  of.

Success isn’t measured by the number of cars we’ll collect or the homes we’ll own.  It’s the weighed against the inner attributes we start off with and build from when all we have is us.


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