Great Advice From a Freelance Copywriter

Most people aren’t fond of writing and coming up with catchy things to say, especially if it’s going to be viewed by many.  But in the case of Heather Robson, she’s made writing her freelancing career.  And although I’m not sharing her story so that everyone knows how to become a freelance writer and love what they do, Heather does touch upon some very helpful tips that anyone in business for themselves can and should be using.

  • Market yourself consistently, even when you’re busy
  • Watch and follow the trends of the market
  • Find clients you REALLY want to work with (I stress that because I can remember taking on clients to satisfy financial obligations but in the long wrong run, I had relationships with a clients in which they didn’t want to return and I didn’t want them to return)
  • Find marketing methods that appeal to you – find methods that you know you can stick with for a certain amount of time to measure the results
  • Set up realist time frame to meet goals before you give up on them
  • Keep your professional profile up-to-date to reflect your current and best services

{video credit: awaivideo/ AWAI}


2 thoughts on “Great Advice From a Freelance Copywriter

  1. Great post! Thank you for the link.

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