Part Of The Community

I was extremely hesitant about writing any kind of response to the news of George Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict.  I thought it would be very tasteless to try to work in some self promoting ideology about national affairs and businesses.  I didn’t want to make light of the news and I didn’t want to downplay it, and I definitely didn’t want to make is some kind of after school special in which ‘everything would work itself out for the better’.   But I do want to highlight the issue that stood out in a conversation I had with a colleague about this current event: COMMUNITY.  It’s something that every business owner, CEO, entrepreneur or wanna-be, is a part of.  And what takes place around us, affects the person we are and the businesses we run.

I’m not saying go out and hold up of signs of support or protests, march the streets and hold vigils.  But be aware of the community you are doing business in.  These people, your customers, your clients, are the same people who are affected day in and day out by the events taking place in their community.  And when we encounter those people, they leave these pieces of the community — our community– with us.  As either a reminder of where we are or who we identify with.

We may be business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, CEOs or whatever title we’ve awarded ourselves.  But we are also a community member.  And whether our community needs us to rally behind them for support or stand by them in protest, we should find ways in which we can best support the members of our community.  After all, our businesses are designed to be part of the community in which there is equal give and take.  And when we’re afforded the opportunity, let’s take the steps to build a better community in which fewer headlines like these make the front page.



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