Make Monthly Resolutions

Happy August 1st!  There’s actually nothing special about August 1st.  I mean, it belongs to a few people as birthdays and anniversaries.  MTV launched its first music video back in 1981 (and shortly put a stop to that with reality TV shows).  Germany declared war on Russia during the start of World I and a few emperors and kings lived and died.  Again, nothing too special.  And that’s probably the problem.  We wait all year long for the start of a new year to make a resolution we’ll carry out for the rest of the year only to find ourselves falling short in the middle of February.  Are we over ambitious?  Under-prepared?  Maybe.  365 days looks like enough time to get the things we want and need done.  Over the course of a few months, however, things gets forgotten, lost, misplaced and gave up on.  But what if we made a resolution once a month instead of once a year?  Would we find ourselves more likely to be successful in our endeavors and keeping those resolutions?  Yeah.

Please don’t confuse ‘more likely’ with ‘hell yeah!’  Taking a 365-day calendar and chomping down to 12 30-day periods is more manageable to get things in motion and completed.   Again, there’s no magic formula for success, just a bit of hard work, sacrifice and time management.  Consider this the physics of business.  And surprisingly enough, you’ll find reaching deadlines and goals much more attainable when you give yourself less time than more.  Why?  Procrastination.  The more time we have to do something, the more likely we’re gonna put it off, and probably till the last-minute.    But if we take some of that time away making our deadlines sooner, we’ll act more quickly (ideally).

But so often we’re over-the-top, overly ambitious big-picture people.  Hell, we’re in business, we’re always looking at the big picture.  But the big picture can be too big at times, too much to digest all at once.  And without admitting it to ourselves, we take it all on and fail.  Not because we suck, but we because we took on too much.  We try to swallow everything in one sitting instead of taking bites periodically.

Make monthly resolutions.   Commit yourself to handful of tasks that need to get done and a few that will progress your efforts without trying to take on the whole enchilada.  Write them down as list and check them off throughout month.  Whether you plan to increase you marketing efforts by increasing your marketing budget, tackle it in bites.  Instead trying to get 10,000 new visitors to your website a year, try getting 100 new followers or likes or comments a month instead.  The idea isn’t to low ball yourself, but make it possible to carry out the things that matter most to your business in the long run.  You’ll find that at first your aim seems smaller.  But the arrow is bigger.  And as you find yourself able to routinely take on these monthly resolutions, you can begin to widen the aim.

Make a resolution this month.  Think of five things your business needs to get done and out of the way so that you can focus working more on the business than in it.  You got 30 days.


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