Fighting Frustration

Frustration is the probably one of the biggest killers of motivation and success.  Frustration freezes us up and locks us down.  When we’re frustrated, it’s challenging to get any thing done, let alone operate a business.  Are minds wander,  we’re unfocused, we second guess ourselves and we get fed up.  Frustration eats at patience and productivity.  It’s kills our best laid plans, our time and energy.  And all the while we let it beat us, because despite how we feel when we’re frustrated, we’re still in control of all the associated emotions that come along with being frustrated.  But fighting the feelings of frustration isn’t about counting to ten and declaring you’re over it.  It’s about identifying what causes our frustrations and separating ourselves from it as best we can.

Ever had a supplier consistently late with delivery a service or shipment?  Annoying?  Yeah.  Frustrating? Down right!  Ever had a client make excuses as to why they can’t pay now?  Irritating?  Yes.  Frustrating?  Absolutely!

First things first, identify what causes your frustrations.  A lot of the times when you’re running a business, it’s going to be people.  As awful as that sounds, it’s the truth. People are going to frustrated the hell out of you if they haven’t already.  And to make matters worse, you can’t avoid them.  Particular people, maybe, but people in general, no.  Learn to cope and handle the people who are causing you grief.  Usually, a first round of communication can do the trick.  Tell the person(s) involved what issues you’re having with them are and what possible solutions you’ve thought up that could fix the problem.  Ask for their suggestions if they’re willing to work with you not making it a problem anymore.   If they’re not willing to work with you, drop them like a hot rock.  Really?  No.  Work through your frustrations and make your frustrations work for you so that you’re not losing any momentum in the interim.

  • Write down what is causing you to be frustrated/annoyed/ pissed of
  • Identify what solutions you can take RIGHT NOW that could either fix them or make it less of a problem
  • Keep a detailed record of all the stuff that drives you crazy — you’re going to want to be to log and track this, especially if there seems to be a routine involved.
  • Distance yourself from people who cause you to get upset or annoy quickly.  If it’s a client you must do business with, limit your communication with them to emails instead of phone calls, and instant messages instead of in-person meetings
  • Take time for yourself.  Once a week.  It may sound like a lot, but giving yourself at least one hour once a week will help you decompress everything you’re dealing with.
  • Channel that frustration — whether you have an exercise regime or side hobby, you still have useful energy you don’t want to waste.

Ups and downs are expected when we step into the role of business owner.  And there are going to be plenty of challenges along the way.  Those challenges don’t own us, we own them.  And no matter how frustrating a situation is getting or has become, we can always take back the reins.




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