How Does Your Business Grow?

Business Growth

With silver bells and cockle shells, and pretty maidens all in a row?  No, I think not.  But just like a garden, a business starts out as a seed, an idea in someone’s mind.  Then it is dug up with research and similar models that already exist.  It’s nurtured with sounding boards, moral support and feedback.  It’s watered with time, a business plan, capital , marketing and energy.  And when it’s ready to sprout, it’s launched.  But the growth process doesn’t stop there.  More time and planning and money and marketing continue to make the business grow.  And it grows roots before it grows branches.  It takes hold, it firmly digs in, and then it expands — from community to community, to region to coast.

What makes your business grow?  You.  And everything you put into it.  What you put into it is what you get out of — it’s not a cliché, but a fact.  You want to have a business that will stand the test of time?  Take time to build that business and think about the future as much as you think about the present.  You want to have a strong and loyal customer base?  Take interest in their needs and connect instead of transact.  Wanna make money with your business?  Remove your focus from money to the quality of your business.

How does your business grow?

How Does Your Business Grow 2


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