25 Reminders of Entrepreneurship

  1. Cutting corners shows
  2. Even overnight successes had to prepare and plan at one point
  3. No trick has ever beaten hard work
  4. Treat time like money and don’t waste it
  5. Cheaper doesn’t always save money
  6. Barter to an extent
  7. Don’t network, it rarely works, build relationships
  8. Grow slow and controlled
  9. Invest in and pay yourself first
  10. Free time is now work time
  11. Market yourself, ’cause no one else will
  12. Draft and rewrite as often as needed
  13. Step outside your comfort zone with no expectations but taking everything as a learning experience
  14. Never downplay your talent or skills
  15. Be a connector when you can’t be a provider
  16. You define your success, not some magazine or reality TV game show
  17. Budget as best you can as often as you can
  18. Rejection and failure are the first few chapters, keep turning the page
  19. You won’t always be motivated, but you have to keep aiming for it
  20. Working smart are the lessons learned from working hard
  21. There’s no windfall from being self-employed
  22. Your reputation DOES matters
  23. If you’re not doing it well enough, keep doing it until you do, it’s not about perfection, it’s about excellence
  24. It’ll take many tries and reinventions, but it’ll always take persistence
  25. Don’t count the quantity of your coins, but measure the quality of your work

Before you get all hung up on being your own boss and the next supposed successful entrepreneur, know what it’s going to take and take from you.


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