Technology’s Killing The Entrepreneurial Youth

Let’s face it: Generation Y has become a little too complacent with the ease of technology that integrates itself in our everyday world.   And although late 20-somethings still remember what it’s like to push a button, many still prefer to swipe their finger.  To touch a screen.  And stay plugged in.  With all of technology’s attractive features and pretty colors, how could they resist? I’m not saying technology is completely bad (yet), and I’ve found many more small and micro-business owners embracing the tools that technology offers them, but all this wonderful advancement in technology is killing the genuine entrepreneurial spirit among younger generations.

I’ll be the first to admit, the phrase ‘The Kids Are Our Future’ has always sent shivers down my spine.  Something about the young and the restless’ half-cocked ideas doesn’t inspire much faith in the road ahead.  And it seems like the new ambition among the entrepreneurial youth is to build the next best app or mobile device.   To many, it makes the most sense, especially if that’s where their market is.  One would be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t have a smart phone these days (although I can think of three right now).  But how logical does it seem to create another luxury item to an economy that is still in the beginning stages of recovery?  More importantly, how innovative is it to piggy-back?

Granted, there is nothing new under the sun, however, there is a decline of younger entrepreneurs stepping up to the plate for their chance at making a difference.  Is it because technology has already laid the foundation and what we see now is simply the house being built on top?  I think it’s because we as a society no longer are focusing on filling needs, but satisfying wants.  And as long as there are wants, there will always be a void.  And our youth (in the US) don’t know what it’s like to need so how could they possibly fill one.  At the swipe of their finger, they can get exactly what the want ordered or streamed live,  What else could they possibly dream of to better their lives or the lives of others?

Do we NEED another music app, social media platform, car service feature or method of paying for next Friday’s movie tickets?  These are the ideas that are swimming in the minds of Gen Y’s start-ups and business ventures.   But whose lives are they improving with their touch screen ideas?




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