Use The Science Of Persuasion As A Marketing Tool



I love videos like these.   Something about having a well informed animated video is much more interesting than listening to someone yak on and on.  I can admit, I still watch car-toons from time to time.  School House Rock was the best with it’s ‘I’m just an ordinary bill’ — although it no longer airs.  More importantly, the video shares wonderful knowledge about persuasion in relation to getting people to buy one’s product or services.  And I know many of us have seen, if not had,  one of these experiences  — such as receiving mints at the end of our meal at a restaurant — only to learn they’re a unique approach to marketing via persuasion.  Persuasion is marketing, essentially.  The goal is to get our target market to buy and prefer to buy whatever it is we are offering or selling over our competitors because we are either well-established, we’re a favorable company to do business with, we offer better deals and giveaways and/ or we have well-known positive reputationmar.

Which principle of persuasion would work best for your business?

{video credit: influenceatwork and}


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