Giving It Up

Throwing Away The Dream

Ever wonder what you’d be throwing away or giving up on when you decide to let your business dreams and aspirations go?

Yes, you may go back to getting a paycheck regularly.

Benefits and insurance may be a guarantee.

And your days may go back to being stable and structured.

But what about the passion you had to do something greater than yourself?

What about the ideas you started playing with and talents you wanted to harness?

What about all the experience and knowledge you gained all long the way?

Could someone else sitting in their big office and expense account ever pay you aptly for your invested time?

If it’s not about the money, what about the joy?

You could be happy punching in the clock and counting down the hours?

Would you be okay with going back to the status quo and what’s expected?

Could you go back to having a job instead of establishing a business?

If you wanted to leave something for your kids or your grand-kids, would your job give them your title? Your salary and your bonus?

Could you be okay with never knowing all that you could have accomplished?

Could you give your all to building someone else’s dream?


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