Life Sets Us Back

Some of the biggest obstacles we’ll face have nothing to do with our business.  They’ll be matters of personal affairs.  Think about the last time you were employed and suddenly a relative died and you had to go to the funeral.   You would tell your boss what happened, how long you would be out of the out office and business would continue as usual despite your absence.  Now, let’s fast forward to where you are now.  Self employed, perhaps staff of one and you were just in a car accident.  What happens now?  Well, for those of you who are familiar with what it’s like being in an accident, you the know first thing you do is exchange information with the other parties involved, get a police report and contact your insurance company.  Now, what about your business?

Regardless of whether you were injured or not, if you’re out of commission, your business is out of commission.  The business is YOU.  Whatever happens to you, know that it’s affecting your company.  And if you use you car for business; to see and meet with clients, to run errands, to pick up promotional materials, to pick up stock and inventory whatever it may be — all of that is now on hold.  But most of us can’t afford to be in limbo just waiting to see what happens.  Our business pay the bills and our financial life line.  So what do we do to stay afloat in the meantime?

Evaluate and regroup.  If it was an accident you were able to walk away from, be thankful.  But we aware of your current standing.  If it was a death in the family, a close loved one, grieve.  But don’t drown in defeat.  Sometimes we let our emotions get the best of us and we go into a state of self pity or depression which takes a mental toll on us and we’re unable to focus on energies elsewhere.  Understand you may not want to focus your energies elsewhere at the moment.  That’s fine.  But remember,  you need come back to the business as soon as you can with a clear mind and a plan so that your losses are still minimal.  Having you is still a whole lot better than not having you.

What do you need to do?  Cry, grieve, take a day off or two for you and just think about your next steps.  You probably didn’t have much when you started your business and you built it to where it is now.  An accident, a death or any other related life catastrophe isn’t a defeat.  It’s a setback.  And life will set us back from time to time.  You can consider it a test, you can consider it  random chaos, just don’t consider it the end.  Tap into your networks, friends and family and let them know what’s currently going on with you and your situation.  See if there’s anybody out there who can and is willing to be of assistance until you can get a firmer grip and pick and keep on going.  Life sets us back.  We just gotta keep going forward.

Life Sets Us Back


2 thoughts on “Life Sets Us Back

  1. tcamba says:

    Great article! I saw your post in the bizsugar community and I might as well leave some insights in your inspiring article. hmmm Indeed there’s a lot of personal problems which we call hindrances that may affect your business or career life. When those kind of situations occur , it cannot be prevented you just have to accept the fact and move on for your own sake and so also your career’s sake.

    • You’re absolutely right. Much of the accidents and incidents that take place in our lives are uncontrollable and unforeseeable. And when they happen to us, they happen to the business for we are our company. But we have to pick ourselves up and keep trucking. We’ve only fail when we give up.

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