25 Fears That Holds Us Back

  1. Our businesses won’t be successful and we’ll never get it off the ground
  2. We’ll never achieve the kind of success we want
  3. We’ll always have too few clients or customers
  4. People won’t be willing to pay for our products or services
  5. We don’t have a good business idea, it won’t be profitable
  6. We don’t have enough experience or education to go into business for ourselves
  7. We’re not personable enough for people to want to do business with us
  8. We need more money than what we have
  9. We don’t have a real office or place of business to do business
  10. We’ll never be able to get a loan to start our business
  11. We don’t know how to write a business plan
  12. We don’t know how or where to market our business
  13. Our business will not be able to sustain itself or support us financially
  14. Someone’s out there doing what we want to do and they’re better at it
  15. All the good ideas and businesses are taken or have already been started
  16. We’ll never have a social life or be able to start a family
  17. We’ll never earn the respect of a reputable business man/woman
  18. We’ll never grow fast enough to keep up with the times
  19. We can’t afford the software and tools to have a competitive edge
  20. We really don’t know what we’re doing
  21. We’re going after something that’s too big for us to succeed at
  22. We’ll let ourselves and those who supported us down
  23. We’re going to fail
  24. If most people who start a business fail, then why bother
  25. Maybe we’re not meant to live out our business dreams

If everyone let their fears hold them back, we wouldn’t have the society we have today.  It’s not perfect, but it  has been built by people who, despite their fears and doubts, pushed the boundaries, embraced the risks and marched on.  Fear is nothing more than an anchor meant to keep us from reaching our greatest potential.  We can let fear hold us down or we can hold down fear.


2 thoughts on “25 Fears That Holds Us Back

  1. Harry says:

    I think the fear of failure is the biggest one that keeps most people from even taking that important first step. All successful people have learned to accept failure and learn from it.

    • And I think that fear of failure is very common to feel. No one wants their efforts to be in vain or have nothing to show for them. The most successful of us have learned that fear will part of the background. We just keep moving forward regardless.

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