The Next Level

The Next Level.  I hear the phrase often.  I think we’ve all have.  Everyone who is working on something is constantly trying to take it to the next level.  It doesn’t matter what they’re working on, everyone  is trying to take it to the next level — maximize their results and their efforts — so that it pays off.  And as ambiguous as it sounds, for those people who are driven and determined to see their hard work bear fruit, the next level holds a very definite meaning.  But what is the next level for any of us?   Why is it so important that we get to that level?  What does the next level hold for us?

The Next Level is the precursor to success.   It is that transitional stage between the grind — all the energy spent to make something; manifest the dream and the goal — and success — when we finally reached what we’ve worked so hard and long for.  But it’s not something that just happens.  We can’t wish the next level into existence.  It’s the result of action.  Think of the phrase: take it to the next level.  ‘Take’, being the action word in that phrase, meaning something has to be done to reach the next step.

So how do we take ourselves, our ambitions, our businesses to the next level?  We first gotta define success and what would it mean to us to reach it.  Would we considered lots of profits and money success?  Would we considered a large market share success?  What about tons of employees, shareholders, or offices — is that success for us?  What about have a stable company that has endured and will endure a fluctuating economy?  How about a brand and image that customers and clients have come to trust and rely on?  Whatever success means to us, however we define it — from where we are now with our businesses to where we see success — that’s the next level.  And knowing that the gap in between now and success is the next level, how are going to take it to the next level?  What are we willing to do and give to take our businesses to the next level?



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