Treat Yourself Like A Business

People tend to think that business is confined to  — oh, I don’t know — a place, a corporation, an idea, an industry, a niché, a building, even.  It’s believe that business — or, a business– has set parameters as to where and how it can operate and the parties involved.  People think the idea of business is clearly defined and straight-forward.  But it’s not that cut and dry.  We’ve seen strange and unusual ideas take flight as businesses all the time.  A business can be anything.  Anything from accessory and handbag rentals — — to pet day cares and spas.  If there’s a want for it, there’s a business for it.  But businesses aren’t confined to just an idea.  Or, at least, they shouldn’t be.  Everyone walking around — shopping for clothing, buying groceries, hanging out the movies or headed to work — are mini businesses. We’re all just walking sole proprietorships.  And most of them don’t even know it.

Yes, you are your own business.  Which means you have a brand and reputation and a company culture.  And you also probably have a mission statement and code of ethics — they may not be written down, but you surely live by them.  Think of them as the things you would and wouldn’t do as well and your plans on succeeding in this life.  And yet, rather than protecting your company’s assets (YOU!) and building the company, you create liabilities, you mismanage your cash flow, and you’re not always too mindful of your mergers and acquisitions (your employment roles).

Downtown LA Biz

Seriously.  You are a business, whether you’re aware of it or not.  Which means you need to start treating yourself like a business.  How?  Watch when and how you spend your money.  This means creating a budget and finding the best deals possible when making purchases.  Look for opportunities to invest in yourself.  Whether that means taking a few college courses, building a strong network of professional relationships or finding time to volunteer to gain new skills.   Be mindful of the contracts and agreements you enter into, and make sure you stay abreast of the trends that affect you.  You can always take time to make you (the business) better. But as serious as this may sound, you’re also a person.  You’re a person-business — a business-person — a person who happens to also be a business.  You should, from time to time, indulge in the human activity that you find enjoyable and keeps you sane, but also remember you have obligations to yourself (the business).  There is no difference between you and the big corporations other than the scale in which operate and the reach of your market and influence.  But that too can change depending on how you treat the business (you).


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