“Get Your Own Damn Money” Administration

Fast forward about two minutes and 15 seconds into the clip and you’ll see the interaction where Roseanne and the other two characters have with the SBA representative.  The fact of the matter is that the SBA is designed to help people who want to go into business for themselves — start a small business.  But like any other resource you seek out, you must be — I hate saying the word “realistic” — you be AWARE.  Aware of the criteria you must meet in order for the SBA to be of assistance to you.  Aware of what you need in terms of a loan — or grants. The SBA’s website does state that the SBA does not provide grants, but there are federal grants that they point towards in case you’re interested and feel like jumping through hoops.

In all seriousness, no matter where you turn to for help, be prepared.  Know what’s required of you, know what you have to do and what standards you’re have to meet.




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