New Year’s In November

Happy New Year’s in November!  No, this isn’t a federally recognized holiday in which we all get the day — well, as if most of us take any days off.  New Year’s In November is a concept I started a couple years back to figure out a success route to the New Year’s resolutions we all make come January First.  Whether we want to lose weight, run a marathon, go into business for ourselves, travel more, make more money, quit smoking, stop drinking  — whatever it is — we all want to make those important changes to our lives to be better healthier, wealthier, well-balance people.  But instead, most of us fail.  Not because of the resolutions we make, but how we’re going about achieving them.   Everyone gets the ball rolling and stays on track for the first couple weeks in the month after the first.  About 3/4 of people who make resolutions will keep them for a little while.  But as time progress, fewer and fewer people will keep them.  It’s be estimated that about 50% of the people who started out with their resolutions will keep them until the end of June that year.  But what happens to the rest of the year?

What makes celebrating New Year’s in November any more promising?  Nothing — and everything.  It’s not about jump starting your resolutions two months in advance.  It’s about preparing yourself for those resolutions, those changes.  Taking small steps now.   Giving yourself two months of time to wrap your head around how you will accomplish your resolutions.

It’s a challenge.  A personal challenge that I open up to everyone that’s reading this.  I typically write for people who are in business for themselves or thinking about going into business, so let’s start with you guys.

Give yourself two months to get on the track to where you’d like to be come top of 2014, do what you need to now.  What steps are needed to take to get your business to the next level?  Start them now.  Much of it might be planning, budgeting, asking someone with more experience or knowledge for help.  You have the time now to figure that out.

Do it.  You have two months to decide where you want your business to be in 2014 and have the time right now to see it gets there.  Will you wait to for 2014 to plan for 2014?


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