“Business Opportunities Are Like Buses…”

“… there’s always another one coming.” – Sir Richard Branson

Opportunities Are Like Buses

If that’s the case, then why aren’t more people living out their dream career or building their dream business?  Everyone mopes about their 9-to-5 but keeps clocking in.  If the next bus is coming within 30 minutes or less, why aren’t more people boarding?!

Business opportunities are like thoughts (and buses, according to Sir Richard Branson) — nice on paper, but utterly useless without action.  Lots of thoughts cross our minds.  We’ve thought about what it would be like to be a millionaire, to travel to wherever whenever we wanted, to be in business for ourselves (hint, hint) or what it would be like to live so comfortably, we’d never have to work again.

We’ve definitely daydreamed about it, but there we are — those of us still swiping a time card — grinding out 40 hours a week for someone else during the best parts of the day … daydreaming about those opportunities.  And not to add insult to injury, but the 9-to-5 block is the better part the day that’s given up and given over to someone else — five days week … think about it.

We daydream and wonder and think about what we could do never really believing any of those thoughts or opportunities or buses, or whatever the hell they are — are coming are way.  Most of us (and I can say ‘most’ with a great deal of confidence) will never board the bus because all we see is what we’ve already seen.  Those wonderful thoughts about what we could do if we actually did them are just nice little mental escapes we give ourselves throughout the day not realizing we’re letting another opportunity pass us by.

Oh, it’s just a thought to you?

The average person can have anywhere between 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts A DAY!!!  Now, they may not all be about being self employed or financially free, but that’s still a lot of potential opportunities to let get away.

Or maybe you missed the bus and didn’t know it.

Richard Branson is right.  Opportunities are always there.  And just like buses, they may not come exactly when we need them or they may have so many people on board headed the same way that you can barely get on, but they’re still there.  Opportunities come — they just don’t linger.



One thought on ““Business Opportunities Are Like Buses…”

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