Let’s Talk About Sex…

…Let’s talk about sex, baby/
Let’s talk about you and me/
Let’s talk about all the good things/
And the bad things that may be/
Let’s talk about….

BUSINESS.  Were you singing along too?  I was singing so hard I almost forgot I was writing a blog.  Just a quick shout-out to the lovely and infamous ladies of Salt-N-Pepa.  The ’90s were interesting times and we all know it.

But let’s get back to talking about business, because it’s very much like sex.  And if you’re happily married and don’t understand the correlation I’m about to make between sex and business (other than there’s a chance people in business are having sex) — oh, well.  You’ll follow soon enough.

Think about the nature of business — any of them– all of them.  Is it about the marketing, the revenue, the sale?  No, because before those elements can come into play it’s about building relationships.  Building relations. With several people.  You may be the monogamous type, but your business shouldn’t be.  If you want to have only one customer, fine.  Let me know if you’re still in business in 90 days.  Otherwise, spread the love.  Build relations.  As small businesses go, we are a niche in ourselves and our customers, are a niche clientele.  We are serving the needs of people whose needs have been left unmet (unintentional pun).  But in order to be successful, we don’t want to please just one person.  We want to please all those who need us and who we need.  But, of course, not everybody — we have standards — or niche target market, whichever you prefer to call it.

Because we cater to a smaller group of people, we need to be very selective, very personable in doing (ahem) business with them.  It needs to be an intimate relationship where our customers feel comfortable coming back to us over and over and over again.  Multiple visits and interactions are a VERY good thing.  And word of mouth is still a very powerful tool for smaller companies.  We can’t let a bad co-mingling between one customer ruin our reputation.  We know what gossip can do to someone’s image.  Waiver’s, liability clauses, contracts, agreements, terms and conditions — proverbial condoms.  Use them well, use them wisely.

What about the Big ‘O’? Well, that depends on the business.  For some, it may mean making that transaction or closing that sale.  For others, it’s a referral from an already satisfied customer.  The Big ‘O’ is quite clear in the bedroom but a little gray in the boardroom because it is defined by that business owner’s terms of gratification.  It can be gradual as to build over the course the establishment of the company.   Or it can be overnight with the launch of the business’ website.  Either way, there’s a good feeling at the end.

So, talk about business like you were talking about the best sex of your life with the most amazing people you’ve had it with. And continue to find that over and over again.  Find those amazing relationships with those ideal customers and clients.  Make it intimate, make it personable, make it for everyone who fits the profile you’ve built.  Make your business satisfying.





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