Sometimes Our Efforts Are Small

A woman gets on the bus carrying two reusable cloth bags; one bag is filled with chocolate candy bars, the other is filled with holiday cards.  Once on board, she pays her fare then begins to ask every person riding the bus would they like to purchase a holiday card or a chocolate candy bar for one dollar.  Some people she asks in English, others she asks in Spanish.  But she asks everyone.  Most people decline, but some accept.  Regardless of whether someone bought a candy or card, she says the same thing with a smile on her face “Happy holidays to you.”  She juggles the bags and money between her hands steadying herself as the bus is motion never breaking her smile.  Although the majority of the riders on the bus choose not to buy anything from her, she carried on more conversations than transactions.  People were curious about why she was selling.  Was she selling for her child’s school to raise money?  Was she selling as part of community fundraiser?  No.  Her children were out of school for winter break and she didn’t belong to any community clubs.  She had wanted to earn a little extra money this holiday season to ensure she could afford to buy her kids something nice for Christmas, but didn’t have time for a second job and she had to rely o mass transportation to get around.

She took the bus everyday, worked around people and she could speak English and Spanish.  It may not have seemed like much, but she took what she could do, used skills she already had and employed her environment.

Sometimes our efforts are small because our desires are small.  But small efforts can lead to big impacts we could never imagined.  But we gotta make the effort and put ourselves out there <— insert cliché here, right?  We’re two weeks out from the new year and this is about the time people pretend to get serious about making life changes and commitments.  Just make one in 2014: Make the effort.


One thought on “Sometimes Our Efforts Are Small

  1. […] the MicroSofts and all the big corporations out there that employ 500 or more employees.  They too started out small.  We’ve heard the stories — started out in a basement, at the kitchen table, the night […]

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