Basket Vendors

Street Side Business 3What you see here are a few women on a side street corner and some bags on the ground.   You would assume there’s nothing of mere importance happening.  Just a few Angelinos going about their day.  Maybe they’re carrying on conversation, maybe they ran into each other and it’s been a while.  Or maybe this was their meet up spot.  But no.  These women may or may not know each — they do seem awfully friendly to be complete strangers, but it’s 8:10 in the morning.  And they haven’t finished going shopping or were merely catching up.  They’ve purposely stopped on this particular corner for a reason.  And no — these are not women of the night who are putting in overtime.  But business is still taking place….



You’ve seen this around town before.  I know you have.  And I’m sure these “pop-up vendors”, if you will, aren’t only in L.A.  People with their baskets selling hot food and cold drinks to the masses. You may not think 3 or 4 people would be considered the masses, but this is just a snapshot of a minute.  One minute in which a customerStreet Side Business is being served.  Not in a restaurant, not in line of a food truck, and not by a delivery person.  But by someone who knew they could sell their product without a middleman or red tape or limitations.  Let’s not look at this as would you or would you not eat from someone selling food out of a basket.   I’ll be the first one to admit I’m a little cautious about taking food from someone who’s also handling money, but that’s just my thing.  Look at this as GUMPTION.  As INITIATIVE.  As in talking your walk.  Someone thought highly enough of their product to take it to the people without waiting for the right time or having everything they’re “suppose to have” in place. Our opportunities aren’t always going to be perfect.  And the resources will not always be there.  So, what are you going to do when you only a few of the puzzle pieces?  Wait for things to line up and hope for the best?  When you have an idea that you can no longer sit on anymore, what are you going to do about it?  Let it waste away like so many other people do with their ideas or are you going to grab you a basket and do something about it?  Yeah, you can go ahead and criticize these people for all being too alike in what they’re doing, saying they don’t have a permit or license for handling food and transacting business.  But do you really think the give a damn?  They’re working on theirs while you’re thinking about yours…

Opportunities are no good without action.  Better grab a basket and get in motion.


6 thoughts on “Basket Vendors

  1. denisegabbard says:

    Wow! Have never seen anyone selling food from a basket this way, though I do wonder if some of the little “pop up” food trucks I see are legal either. You are right that they are doing something about supplying some cash to their families by just doing it– instead of just thinking about it. I definitely get the analogy– and I am looking for a larger basket as we speak 🙂

    • (laughs) Good luck finding a larger basket. I just wanted to look at these “basket vendors” from another perspective. There is a chance that their business activities are illegal. And so many of us are quick to judge them and look down on their efforts, because we assume what they’re doing is illegal — but at least they have the initiative to start something, right?

      • denisegabbard says:

        Oh, absolutely! I understood your point– and honestly, really am not much concerned about the legal red tape of something like this–I am proud of them for doing what they need to do to survive.

      • “need to survive” — it’s interesting that you bring that up. Some of us follow our passions, others exploit our talents, while others of us — do what we need to survive. Which group do you think stands a chance of succeeding?

      • denisegabbard says:

        ALL of them! While motivations may be different, I would not say that one is necessarily more or less motivated by their circumstances.

      • You may be very right

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