For The Record

We are 14 years into the 21st century and would you believe it — this is actually the record keeping system of current small businesses?!  With all the technology that is available at our fingertips, hard copies and boxes are stilling being used?  SERIOUSLY? What for?!?

Can you say 'hot mess'?

Can you say ‘hot mess’?

Okay, let me back up because I think I attacked that a little too judgmental-ly.  Yes, many companies, large and small, still carry hard copies of many of its documents, especially if it has live ink — an actual signature and date of all parties and/or recipients involved.  And I too had many have hard copied documents.  What I also have is a scanner — two actually, one stationary and a portable one, for my car.  I also have about half a dozen of thumb drives.  And I also save my documents a cloud based program such as DropBox or Google Drive.  Select items are saved to my computer in its respective labeled folders (as well as being saved one or two other places).

Leave the overstuffed for the buffets

Leave the overstuffed for the buffets

But boxes of files and files stuffed and stored wherever there is space — tons of crap just sitting and collecting dust and paper mites — hmmm, no, nope.  You’ve gotta be kidding.  Never. That is crazy.  Some of you may take offense to my outrage — especially if you got stuff just like this.  But I’m not the one you should be huffing and puffing at.  You’re the one punishing yourself.   I’m just pointing it out.

So, what happens when it’s time to fetch a file from this disaster area and it’s a chart you haven’t touch in months, maybe even years — think you’ll find easily enough?  How much time do you expect wasting in hunting, searching and retracing steps over 90 days old to find a file that could have been scanned, uploaded and saved with a few clicks?  How much space do you think you would’ve saved by turning your hard copies into electronic copies.  Which, by the way, could be saved a multiple ways with ease so that if one system should fail, you still have another copy, or copies, elsewhere?

Literally stunting growth

Literally stunting growth

They say to work on your business and not in your business, but how can you when you’re buried knee-deep in paperwork?  It’s 2014.  Hop on board or get left behind.


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