Who Are You Trying To Kid?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have no clue what makes the Friday and Saturday operating hours so much different from the Monday through Thursday schedule.

Why do businesses do this?  Is this some sort of witty joke and the rest of us just missed it?  Are we supposed to just assume that Friday and Saturday are unique by definition, although they share the same hours?  Or are we just having our intelligence insulted here, as per usual?

Over Simplifying.fw

Is this something you do to your clients or customers?  In an attempt to oversimplify for their benefit, you’re just downright insulting their intelligence?  You know, there is a balance of keeping your clients informed and in tuned without dumbing it down or confusing the hell out them.  Just be straight-forward.  Simplify, but don’t over-simplify.   Make it clear without confusing.  Make it plain without the puzzles.  Don’t know how?  Ask the client.  They may not always know what they want, but they’re quick to share what they don’t want.  And they don’t want to be confuzzled.


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