Resources — Part 1

The library.  They have books.  magazines, periodicals, DVDs, workshops, community papers, events and computer access — all for the cost of your membership.  And what does a membership cost you?  About 4 minutes of your time to fill out a one-side application.  FREE, in other words.  But how many business owners do you think make a routine trip to their local library?

Well, you can argued and say you have a computer with internet access at the office or home.  You get the Wall Street Journal delivered to your doorstep.  You’re a member of Amazon and you can order whatever book you want to when you want to.  And you never miss the nightly news.

First, you’re still only get a fraction of the available resources the library can offer you.  Second, the library offers everything to you for free!

Amazon charges you, internet and cable provider sends you a bill, not mention the other utilities you’re running up while you’re at home or the office.

Another valuable tool that the library offers for free: language learning.  Think Rosetta Stone.  It’s called Mango Languages and it’s function is very similar to Rosetta Stone.  And the best part for those who believe they can find whatever the want from the comfort of their couch… Mango Languages has an app that is downloaded to any phone as long as you have your library card’s ID number.

The library use was once revered as a wealth of information and now that everything has gone online, the library has lost it’s sparkle.  Or so people think.  You’re be surprise what you can use and learn by taking trip to your local library.  Besides, we’re way over due for being offline.


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