All Good Things Must Come To An End

I’ve been radio silent for a while. A LONG WHILE.  In that time, it seems that I’ve been absence from Intel Boutique, but I’ve really been quietly working on a couple other projects I’m excited about launching at the end of this year and early next year.  One of the projects I’ve been gradually building is Resume Mojo — an idea that has been very close to my heart for quite awhile that I’ve decided should no longer be on the back burner.  Another in-the-works venture is what Intel Boutique will dissolve into.  During this “quiet” time, I’ve spent working with a long time friend and colleague of mine in regards to elevating our respective business ventures that will bring the best of talents and time under a unified effort.  Yes, at the end of October, Intel Boutique will be phased out.  Remnants of its presence will still be — as I hope it would be — but what it’ll be merged into will be something much greater than its solitary mission.  What Intel Boutique will look like with a new vision and new aims, I cannot say at this moment.  Actually, I won’t say.  The preparation for its incarnation is something I don’t want to tease just yet with tidbits here and there.  The target audience will still be aimed at those in business for themselves and those aspiring to self-employed, but the execution will be much more direct.

In the meantime, I will sprinkle the best information and resources I can find for business owners, as Intel Boutique comes to a graceful close.  They say all things must come to and end.  But endings are usually just another beginning transformed.  As is this.

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