Behind Intel Boutique

Damon John, for those of you that keep up with ABC’s Shark Tank, probably said it the best: “Information is a hot commodity.”  And it is.  People are always in search for something; something to buy, something to download, something to share, to read, to watch, to learn, to assist, to do.  That’s probably why the internet is what it is today.  The most powerfully used search tool.  But, it is by far not the only one.

As the founder/creator of Intel Boutique, I decided to marry both my academic background and past experiences.  In a nutshell, my experiences have always involved helping others, particularly small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, in some capacity or another.  Helping others find what they need, get to where they’re going or whatever the occasion may call for is what I do best.  My academic studies were in Global Security and Intelligence Studies.  Yes, that’s actually the title on the degree.  Google it, you’ll see.  And it sounds very much like its title (if your mind went to FBI, CIA and any other related government entity, you’re right.  Although, I have no experience in espionage or collecting sensitive data for or from any government).  The only portion of my studies I’ve pulled from and use for Intel Boutique is the intelligence, research and analysis segments.  It has shaped my mission to help small and micro businesses find the resources and tools they need to start,  operate and maintain their companies.  But don’t think you have to run or own a business to in order to receive my services.  Individuals with personal projects are welcomed too.

Intel Boutique is an extension of me.  I enjoy reading and researching.  I also enjoy learning and I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others.   And because information and research are so valuable, I was able to build the Research and Analysis component of my business.  In addition, Intel Boutique provides social media workshops for business owners to help them learn the tools for engaging and attracting prospects customers and clients using the right keywords without relying on the neighborhood kid who likes to upload photos and listen to music all day long.

This blog explores the various major and minor issues, concerns, advice, experiences, and thoughts that business owners come across.

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